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Recent reports of the sonic attacks on Cuban diplomats have left reports vague and confusing. Robert Bartholomew, an American born medical sociologist currently living in Auckland, New Zealand says the mystery behind the sonic attacks is due to mass hysteria. Bartholomew explains mass hysteria as a placebo effect. He says, “you can make yourself sick or well, it’s the power of the mind.”  Looking at the case from afar, it looks real to the rest of the world.”

Twenty-two people have reported symptoms since last December. Symptoms reported from the sonic attacks include brain trauma and hearing loss. Bartholomew says these are not psychogenic symptoms, so he says the only plausible cause is mass psychogenic illness.  Bartholomew says stress can cause similar symptoms.  Symptoms like fatigue and insomnia are very common and no sonic attack can cause brain trauma.  It’s not possible known laws of physics.”