Target date for a falling space lab is Easter weekend

Matt Bubala’s Chris Gebhardt

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Chris Gebhardt is the assistant managing editor of He joins The Matt Bubala Show once again to talk about a falling Chinese space lab that astronomers at the European Space Agency have been monitoring. “It’s not out of control as originally expected,” Gebhardt says. Earlier news reports indicated that there was a 2 month window of when this falling space lab would hit Earth, but this “entry is much more stable” and it has “narrowed significantly.” Gebhardt says there is a 12 day period between March 29th to April 9th of when it could hit Earth, making April 3rd the most likely target date based on how quickly it is dropping into orbit.  A majority of it will burn up into the atmosphere, but since it’s a possibility that pieces of this space lab could survive, the European Space Agency needs to give people a warning in the event it could hit a person or cause property damage.

Later on in the show, Gebhardt talks about how NASA may consider using nuclear weapons to change the direction of an 1600 foot asteroid that is circling the sun. One day, there’s a possibly it could collide with the planet. Tune in as listeners ask questions about asteroids, meteors and government laws and more.




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