Should Americans have stricter gun laws? Libertarian says there is a decline in violent crimes from legal gun owners

Matt Bubala

Nick Gillespie (Courtesy of Nick Gillespie).

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Editor in Chief Nick Gillespie of joins Matt Bubala to talk about gun laws and restrictions. Since the Vegas shooting, this libertarian shares thoughts on  whether or not Americans should have stricter measures on owning guns.

Stephen Paddock bought all the guns legally before the shooting.” Gillespie feels that nothing could have been done to change the outcome of what happened in Vegas, because it’s hard to predict mass shootings and policy would “not have stopped the Vegas shooter.” He says the issue isn’t about what type of weapon is used in crime because most crimes involve hand guns instead of semi-automatic guns like the one Paddock used. Gillespie says that mass shootings are awful, but “over the last twenty five years there has been a decline in violent and gun related crimes.”


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