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Doctors Gameli Dekayie and Chantale Stephens opened Quench Wellness, a wholistic practice, this past July in the South Loop.  Jon Hansen fills in on The Matt Bubala Show to chat with two women who met at a University of Chicago college orientation and their journey to become business partners.

At Quench Wellness, their goal is to target health issues by getting people to focus on natural alternatives. Dekayie says those basics are “diet, exercise, sleep and what we are taking into our bodies.” They specialize in IV vitamin infusions to “restore the body what it needs to function at it’s best level,” Dekayie says.

One key component as business partners is showing each other respect. Dr.  Stephens says they both have “different elements of each other and they talk about things” before making any big decisions.  Dekayie says finding a balance is important. If surgery or medicine is needed, it is fine but she feels that it’s important to acknowledge how daily lifestyle routines can impact health.

On Oct. 27, Quench Wellness is participating in a Wellness Crawl in the South Loop, where they will be partnering with other businesses in the area for classes, B12 intramuscular injections and stretch sessions. While this event begins in a medical hub, it does end at a local brewery.  For more information, visit their website or search for Quench Wellness on social media streams.