NASA spacecraft’s first dive to sun’s atmosphere will take place in early November

Matt Bubala’s Chris Gebhardt

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Chris Gebhardt from joins The Matt Bubala Show to talk about the Parker Solar Probe. Last Saturday, he was standing at the Kennedy Space Center when it was initially supposed to launch. Due to some difficulties, it did not launch until Sunday.

This probe is the fastest human-made spacecraft that will help scientists better understand solar winds and space weather. Initial reports show that it will take seven years to reach the sun, but Gebhardt says that we are closer to that process than we might think. The first dive will be Nov. 5. Next year there will be two dives and then so forth, until it runs out of fuel. “We had to design this mission very carefully to do three close dives per year,’ Gebhardt says. This mission needs to be progressively done so the spacecraft is not taken out of orbit.

There are cameras on the spacecraft to help collect specific forms of data like light and field of travel. The spacecraft will actually be traveling in the path of the Total Solar Eclipse from 2017. There may be some images that will be pulled, but the pictures may not be visually appealing to the public eye.

Tune in to the full conversation to hear more logistics of the spacecraft. For more information on Gebhardt’s work, check out their website for more updates.

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