Musician Ethan Bell talks artist influences, upcoming local shows

Matt Bubala

Lead singer Ethan Bell (far right) of The Ethan Bell Band

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Ethan Bell, lead singer of The Ethan Bell Band, joins Dane Neal as he fills in for The Matt Bubala Show. The Ethan Bell Band is a top forty country band known for doing suburban Illinois and Chicago shows. He chats with Dane and Dino Tiberi about life on the road as a musician. “I don’t get to see concerts that much because I’m always playing,” Bell says. The Yorkville, Illinois resident says he’s taking “baby steps” into the music industry. Recently, they released two singles which are available on Spotify and iTunes.

The four men of EBB have been playing music for three years together. The band appreciates several different types of musical styles and influences, which has helped them establish a local fan base. “I love the new format, country is as big as it’s ever been and it’s a cool genre to be a part of,” Bell says.

For more information on upcoming tour dates, visit their website or check the band out on social media.


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