Meet the biospherian: Mark Nelson

Matt Bubala

Mark Nelson (Courtesy Photo)

Eight volunteers better known as the original “biospherians” sealed themselves into a hi-tech dome meant to perfectly replicate the Earth’s ecosystems. They called this project Biosphere 2. Earth is considered Biosphere 1 and this two year project from 1991 to 1993 was staged like a space mission in Arizona. The $150 million facility had all gleaming white panels and ziggurats of glass, filled with forests, deserts, laboratories, recycling systems, pigs, chickens, hummingbirds, bush babies, and even a coral reef. A new document on Hulu, Spaceship Earth, details this hubristic, pseudo-scientific experiment that features Mark Nelson. Mark joins The Matt Bubala Show to discuss his experience: the challenges, successes and why he would do it again.

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