Journalist says “numbers are in our favor” for intelligence outside of Earth

Matt Bubala

Bryan Walsh and his book, End Times

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Author and journalist Bryan Walsh joins the Matt Bubala Show to discuss the paradox of the age old question, “is there life outside of Earth?” Walsh’s book, End Times, discusses the fermi paradox, which seeks to answer the question of where aliens are at if they exist. Walsh suggests that based on the sheer number of planets that are habitable, there is a possibility of humans seeing aliens over the course of time. The book discusses thirteen reasons why we haven’t heard from other intelligence yet. He explains that signals over space can be vast and the communication process needs to be twofold. Walsh says “there might be more surprises out there.” If contact is to be made, what happens next? Tune in as he takes listener questions on these theories. For more information on his book, check out the link here.

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