Is Mexico safe? Recent death reports raise concern, reporter says it’s important to be responsible

Matt Bubala

Reporter Chris Woody (Photo courtesy of Woody)

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Business Insider reporter Chris Woody joins The Matt Bubala Show to talk about an ongoing investigation of tourist hot spots in Mexico. The Journal Sentinel is reporting that families traveling to all-inclusive resorts may have left some Americans dead from tainted alcohol. Others have reported sexual assault.

Two weeks ago, a family from Iowa were found dead in the condo they were staying at. Recent news releases have left people concerned about the risk of travelling to other countries and how much responsibility Mexico should take to protect tourists. Woody, who has reported on violence around Mexican tourist areas, says that Americans should not be worried to travel as long as “you are responsible and carry yourself any way you would in another country.” He says that when planning trips, Americans need to prepare for possible risks in case of an emergency.  A majority of health care facilities in Mexico are usually outside the tourist areas where medical care is poor. Crime is on the rise in Mexico and since 2015, crime statistics went “up by 25 percent.” Some factors of this include “organized crime, government pressure and competition of drug traffic.”

For updates on this ongoing investigation, visit The Journal Sentinel’s website and social media posts. To learn more about Woody and other stories he’s covered, click  here.


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