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Human Rights Campaign (HRC) member Chuck Rowe joins Matt Bubala to talk about Trump’s Justice Department appearing in federal court last week to argue that employers should be allowed to fire gay people. Rowe says depending on the state a gay person lives in,  laws may or may not be protected. For example, Rowe grew up in Missouri, but now lives in the Chicago suburbs. In Missouri he says, “people don’t talk about it, there’s no protection there but it’s much more open in Illinois.” Currently only twenty states follow protection laws. Gender identity has recently been enabled along in legislation, but Rowe says  the law “always referred to as sexual orientation.” He says sexual orientation can be flipped for straight people, as well.  Rowe feels hiring and firing in the workplace “is really about perception.”  Judges will decide if the Title VII provision of the 1964 Civil Rights Act that protects against gender discrimination should also apply to sexual orientation discrimination.  Rowe is married and has been with his partner for eighteen years and has “lived through discrimination for so long” that he takes nothing for granted.