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Scott Musial, Brian Meisinger, Jason Hampton a trio part of the Hunt The Town in Antioch. Meisinger is with U.S. Paranormal Research and they teamed up with the group In the Shadows, or also known as a Supernatural Investigation Crew. The group’s mission is not based on a belief, but in finding and producing evidence for supernatural experiences that have not been documented. The next investigation is called Hunt The Town will be in Antioch, Ill. on May 18. These two teams will bring in special guests, speakers, and vendors from around the country to learn about this haunted town. The event will kick off with guest speakers and vendors, followed by a paranormal investigation at some of the most haunted places in Antioch, IL, as well as a walking tour. Guests will have the option of three ticket tiers. The first tier will include general admission to all speakers and the vendor area which will have vendors, speakers, and merchandise.  The second ticket tier, also known as VIP Level Two, will include general admission and the investigation of the haunted locations and a walking tour. These locations will include well-known buildings throughout downtown Antioch, IL with paranormal celebrities guiding guests. The last ticket tier, VIP Level One, will include all of VIP Level Two and dinner. For more information, visit here