Hannah Stanley in for Matt Bubala: Full Show 12-15-18

Matt Bubala

Hannah Stanley

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This episode on the Matt Bubala Show, Hannah Stanley is back! She talks about co-parenting dogs and Vitamin Water’s new contest. Would you give up your phone for year for a chance to win $100k? Hannah talks with listeners about what they would have with drawl symptoms from. Throughout the show, Hannah talks about ‘adulting’ and what one school is doing to help better kids. What life lessons do you know as an adult that you wished you learned at an early age? Tune in to hear what Hannah teaches producer Jess! You might be familiar with show called Sesame Streets, but were you aware that Lily is homeless? Hannah discusses the importance of this move from Sesame Street and how the roles of TV characters can have an impact on child development.  Roger Badesch also talks about his teaching career and the impact the video Hush made. It won several awards between 2008-2009. For more information on Seasame Street and Lily’s experiences, you can watch videos here.  At 3 a.m., Hannah chats with Fred Weintraub from London.  They discuss everything from Brexit to why Keith Richards stopped doing the thing he was best at-drinking. Hannah and Fred also give updates from the Royal Family. Finally, Hannah explains details of a chocolate crisis and we learn about multiple cities that have had a literal chocolate meltdown. While on the topic of food, we also discuss a new fire log that smells like KFC chicken. Orion and listeners chime in on their favorite holiday scents.


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