Are NFL concussion payouts expected to grow?

Matt Bubala

Sheilla Dingus (Dingus)

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As NFL season kicks off, the talk of athlete injuries have been making headlines. Sheilla Dingus is a writer and editor for Advocacy and Fairness in Sports. She joins The Matt Bubala Show to talk about the high NFL payouts for concussions. Recently, there was a big settlement between the NFL and players. “Basically, all players that are included in the settlement are those that retired before July 7, 2014 and ones that didn’t make a decision to opt out,” Dingus says. The first proposed settlement was for 765 million dollars, but it was rejected by a judge. The NFL council proposed to have control of auditing. Dingus says that the public is now “seeing the results of that.”

500 million  dollars went out to players. Dingus says that these claims have been approved by the NFL, but there is a big difference between paid and approved claims. 281 million dollars had only been paid out so far. Even though other claims have been approved, the NFL still has the ability to fight against other claims. For more information on updates, Dingus wrote an article describing the misconceptions of the settlement, Please don’t dink the Kool-Aid!. Dingus says that 141 approved claims have not been paid, and a number will be appealed or reviewed this month.



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