Algonquin Highway Commissioner creates public message on sign to attack local newspaper

Matt Bubala

Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser walking away from marquee (Ed Komenda)

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Reporter Ed Komenda was having a normal Friday at the office until he received word about an attack against the Northwest Herald that appeared on a marquee off U.S. Highway 14. Komenda decided to check it out for himself. “THE NORTHWORST HEARLD IS FAKE NEWS” the sign read. When he arrived, he spoke with Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser briefly. Komenda tried getting more information about what happened, but Gasser’s only response to him was “he didn’t want to talk to us because he believes we are fake reporters.”

If residents drove by the sign on Friday afternoon, they would have initially seen a typo in the attack. It read “THE NORHTWORST HERALD IS FAKE NEWS.” When Gasser was questioned about the mis-spelling he said, “someone changed it then.”

Some officials speculate that the sign was an attempt at political speech, or simply improper use of government property. “This is something I have never dealt with in all my time in journalism,” Komenda says.

Tune in to hear background stories about Komenda’s relationship with the Highway Department and Gasser. Listeners also call in and share their thoughts. One listener visited the site live on air with The Matt Bubala Show.

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