Accident investigator says deadly Amtrak accident could’ve been avoided

Matt Bubala

David Soucie (Soucie)

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Safety and Accident Investigator David Soucie joins Matt Bubala to talk about the deadly Amtrak crash in Washington.

Soucie says a positive train control (PTC) system has been pushing for installation for over five decades. “The National Transportation Safety Board has been telling Amtrak and all the authorities that they need to put this in and it has to absolutely be installed in all trains by 2015. This PTC system has not been installed yet because Congress does not have the funds. Soucie thinks “Congress has no nobody to point at but themselves.”

However, railways are not entirely privately funded, so Soucie says “you have to weigh the risks.” He says it’s a pseudo government agency. Amtrak could invest money into a PTC system, but then would need outside funding from the public for other supplemental funding. “It’s a complex issue,” he says. “Rail along along with other transportation, have very heavy lobbying and they put emphasis on not spending extra money. There will be lots of pressure on Congress not to do that,” he says.

Later on, he talks about drone safety and the three year anniversary of Flight 370.  Sourcie is releasing a new book within eight months. For more information on his work, visit








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