Adler Planetarium Director of Public Observing Michelle Nichols, joins Lisa Dent to talk about a rare green comet passing Earth this week. The comet was last seen during the Stone Age. How to spot the comet:

  • Binocs/small telescope are required.
  • Go outside. Face directly north. Use your phone’s compass if you need to find north.
  • Look about halfway up in the sky to the north. Look for a medium-brightness star. That’s the North Star.
  • Point your binocs/small scope about ten degrees away from Polaris – specifically a little up & to the right. If you aren’t sure how far about 10 degrees is, hold your clenched fist out at arm’s length. Put one end of your fist at the North Star. The other end of your fist is about 10 degrees away.
  • Look for something faintly fuzzy. That’ll be the comet.