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To celebrate WGN Radio’s 100 Years of news, memories and laughs Lisa Dent and Steve Bertrand are joined by a revolving door of WGN Radio well known voices:

To kick off the celebration, WGN Radio’s Dave Eanet joined Lisa and Steve live from the golf course to share his stories from when he worked alongside Wally Phillips the last few years Wally was on WGN Radio airwaves and how Dave got his start in the business. [00:00-05:53]

Then, familiar voice, Andrea Darlas (former WGN Radio Morning News Anchor) joins Lisa and Steve to share some behind the scenes shenanigans that used to go down at the station. [05:53-10:33]

Next, Mr. Fix-It himself, Lou Manfredini, joins Lisa and Steve to reminisce on the years he’s been with WGN Radio and how he got his start just by sending in a pitch to have a handyman show on air. [10:33-14:36]

Orion Samuelson, WGN Radio legend and former WGN Radio Agri-business reporter for 60 years, joins Lisa and Steve to share some of his fondest memories of being with WGN Radio and what he’s up to now during his retirement. Also, Lisa and Orion bond over living the farm life. [14:36-20:56]

To close out the celebration, Lisa and Steve are joined by radio legends Steve King and Johnnie Putman. Listen in while Steve and Johnnie share their most memorable stories from when they hosted overnights on WGN’s airwaves, what it takes to work overnights and so much more. [20:56-29:26]