uh-PARENT-ly | Hamilton actor Miguel Cervantes and wife Kelly talk about parenting a medically fragile child


Tracy Weiner, Kelly Cervantes, Jackson Cervantes (the little guy), Miguel Cervantes and Anne Johnsos

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This episode is for all those brave and vigilant parents who have a journey different from most. They have children with significant medical needs. Kelly and Miguel Cervantes join uh-PARENT-ly cohosts Anne Johnsos and Tracy Weiner to talk about what parenthood looks like for couples navigating endless doctors, tests and treatments in search of answers for their medically fragile children. Kelly and Miguel are trying to help their daughter Adelaide, who suffers from infantile spasms and epilepsy. The Hamilton dad, or dAd.ham, and his ferociously brave wife say they’re lucky the show gives them a platform for a very important message.

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