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Chicago legend Dr. Lester Fisher, former director of the Lincoln Park talks about some of his most treasured personal relationships, including Sinbad the lowland gorilla. I happened to host the last of chimpanzee tea parties at the zoo, and we discuss if that was really the right thing to do. Back in the early days of the zoo, a surprising number of animals escaped, Fisher tells some of these stories.

Sadly, even today, some species only exists only in zoos, and that number increases every year. We talk about the future of animals in the wild. And also how zoos today have evolved, and care so much not only about the medical care of their residents, but also the psychological care.

One of Fisher’s colleagues (as she is a longtime Board member of the Los Angeles Zoo) is Betty White (who just celebrated her 95th birthday). Dr. Fisher is one of her few friends to call her “kid.”