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Steve celebrates the rhinoceros with Lincoln Park Zoo keepers Caitlin O’Brien and Allycia Darst.

The Lincoln Park Chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers Bowling for Rhinos is Tuesday, August 15, starting at 6 p.m. at Diversey River Bowl, 2211 W. Diversey Prkwy (at Logan Blvd.).  You can bowl, or just hang out – and visit with a room filled with animal lovers.  And pizza is included!

Sorry to say, and I was disappointed to learn, the event is Bowling FOR Rhinosnot Bowling WITH Rhinos, which I believe would be a whole lot more interesting.

We chat about endangered species, specifically how the rhino is being poached for their horns – but how utterly ignorant that is because those horns are made of keratin, just as our finger nails are. Those horns are supposed to be a cure-all for everything from cancer to impotence, according to tradition in some places in Southeast Asia. You can get the same affect by chewing on your finger nails – and for all this, the rhino species is disappearing from the planet.

However, it’s not over yet – and you can make a difference. More information here on Bowling for Rhinos – whether you can attend or not, you can make a contribution.