Single, Married, Divorced-To Text or Not To Text (Ever)

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The Single, Married, Divorced team encounters an interesting question this week.  Now follow us here, a former co-worker of Erik’s has a current co-worker who is dating a guy who doesn’t like to text.  He is also not 67- years-old.   Megahn Synder-Gordon joins the team for answers.  Our hosts also asked the question, how many dates are too many dates in a night?  Allison tells a story about her friend who went on 3 dates in one day as well as a 20 something that took a liking to her.  Erik shares how he doubled up accidentally and a story of a Florida man who received more than 100,000 texts from a woman he went on one date with.

Question 1: Can you go on too many dates in one day?

Dating story: What do you do when someone doesn’t text?

Question 2: How could you text that-over and over and over again?

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