Single, Married, Divorced: Do you U-Turn?

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Single, Married, Divorced discusses the term U-Turn when it comes to dating.  You know, when everything seems to be going great then 4 to 6 months later out the blue you hear, “I know an hour ago we planned a international trip together but I can’t stand to be near you now.”   Erik shares a couple of stories that he is pretty sure women u-turned on him.  Allison discusses how an insensitive Facebook post killed any chance a guy had with a date with her.  Tom agrees with a SMD listener from Australia.  Yeah that’s right, SMD is international.

Poll Question: Do you U-Turn?

Question 1: What if I don’t have any relationship baggage? (Louise from Australia.)

Dating Story: Alex P. Keaton and Allison.

Question 2: What do you do?  Spouse wants to change jobs but will make less money.

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