Retro Video Game Review: The Lone Ranger

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The Lone Ranger Retro Video Game Review (Photo Created By: Mason Paine)

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The Lone Ranger was first introduced to the world in 1933 as a radio show. This series spawned books, several movies, comic books and not many people know this a video game. I wasn’t lucky enough to play this particular game back in 1991 when it was originally released for NES.  Thankfully, I was recommend this game to play and I don’t regret one minute!  The Lone Ranger came about towards the end of NES’s console life and many developers were pushing the systems hardware to its limits.  So for this game all kinds of genres were mashed into it; a bit of action adventure, a sprinkle of platforming, a dash of RPG, and a little FPS.  This game is so unique and a gem to play.  I give a more detailed review in my video so take a look!

Retro Review: The Lone Ranger (Nintendo Entertainment System)

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