Jon “runs through the burn” with a successful Couch to 5K

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Jon bares his soul in this riveting episode, featuring his first 5k (did an injury hold him back, or did he run through the burn?) and a terrifying story of parenting that a lot of parents should be able to relate to.

Show Notes:

  • Life Stuff
    • Jon ran his first 5k—or did he? Hear his exciting tale of how it all went down
    • To “run through the burn,” or not to run through the burn? That is the everlasting question among athletes!
  • Joy of Parenting
    • Jon has a scary parenting story regarding childhood development, which is both educational and provides a rare serious side look at the hosts of Game/Life Balance U.S. (well, mostly Jon)
  • Cody is headed to Minneapolis for Martin Con this weekend, and really hopes that he and Jon get to stream live to Twitch.TV via Darrel TV
  • Cody is hype about going to see the Chicago Symphony Orchestra this week
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