“Gender, Race, & Professionalism w/ Charlotte”


John Duffy Podcast

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Strength. Clarity. Integrity. These are the three words that come to mind with regards to today’s guest, Charlotte, who is here today to dig deep into her thoughts about the state of both gender and race in America, especially as it pertains to black women. As a bright college journalist, Charlotte’s particular experience has led to her encountering some surprising challenges. And as you can tell by the tone of our conversation, we go way back!

Highlights of this episode include:
-What she deems is the “sh***iest intersection of gender and race”
-The surprising role that race and gender plays as a college journalist
-What she thinks of the Black Lives Matter movement vs. All Lives Matter, etc.
-How often she finds herself confronted with issues of racism and/or sexism
-The lack of black women in television and media as opposed to men
-Her thoughts on that guy who’s running for president
-The nuances of her hairstyle, and how it’s proving to be a challenge for her professionally

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