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Great to have all that talk about Zika, I get it….but is hardly at epidemic proportions in the U.S.; Lyme is an epidemic, at least according veterinary parasitologists, but what about according to the human medical community?

Global Lyme Alliance Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Harriet Kotsoris talks about what we know about tick diseases, what we think we know, and what we still need to know.

What I don’t understand is that IF Lyme (not to mention a host of other tick diseases) are increasing in prevalence annually, and already an epidemic – why aren’t we paying more attention?

I know that when a dog is diagnosed of a tick disease a person is at the other end of the leash – sharing that same environment, and it turns out might have been infected too.

That’s why I launched a One Health Campaign with the Global Lyme Alliance and American Veterinary Medical Association called Stop Lyme; learn more at

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