Cody goes viral with Bernie Sanders, talks political ideology and trolls

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Cody somehow unexpectedly became a political writer when his post about Bernie Sanders went viral. Hear him discuss how it’s changed his life, including a surprisingly thoughtful discussion with Jon about politics and identity. Then, hear Jon go “FULL GAMER” and chat about the video game Sunless Sea.

Show Notes:

  • Jon insists on recording a promo for the GonnaGeek Network, even though the broadcast already started
  • Current News – Cody wrote an article about Bernie Sanders and somehow became a political writer on the Huffington Post after it went viral on his web site
    • Jon talks to Cody about the Iowa caucus, including Brian Williams and MSNBC’s coverage of the event and why he really hates CNN
  • Life Stuff – Cody discusses how “going public” about his political POV is new territory for him, and chats about internet culture with Jon
    • They talk about how and why politics are tied to identity and ideologies, and also tackle surprising facts about internet trolls and what motivates them to be so awful
    • A Donald Trump supporter leaves a comment on this podcast during the YouTube broadcast, and Cody delivers a public service announcement to register to vote
  • Full Gamer – Jon discusses the video game Sunless Sea and explains what audience would most appreciate the game
    • Jon also bought The Witness, the newest game from Jonathan Blow, and explains the specific reason why he hasn’t actually started playing it yet
    • Jon briefly discusses the Fine Brothers controversy, which Cody thinks is just stupid
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