On this airing of Let’s Get Legal hosted by Jon Hansen and powered by the Illinois State Bar Association:

Segment one: Labor Law Professor at the University of Illinois Michael LeRoy talks about congress stepping into the rail strike. The two also discuss union agreements, the railway labor act, and the role that president Biden is playing in all of it.

Segment two: David Milanic, President of Katz Milanec talks about new tax laws regarding Zelle and how other online payment methods will affect your tax filing. David also answers caller questions about loans and renting deductions.

Segment three: Michael Leonard of Leonard Trial Lawyers discusses what judges are usually like in the courtroom, false confessions, whistleblowers, and more!

Plus, can you solve the question of the day? One of the most famous laws in US history was only in effect for 12 years, and directly impacted millions of people…and the basics of it were first written down on a napkin 257 miles from where I’m sitting right now. What law is it?