The Ultimate Chicago Movie Cage Match: 'Christmas Vacation' vs. 'The Fugitive'

Justin Kaufmann

Justin Kaufmann, Anthony Moseley and Rachel Claff

What is the best Chicago Movie of all-time? Is it The Blues Brothers? Ferris? The Untouchables?  Uncle Buck? Cooley High? We are down to the Sweet 16 and it’s time for you to decide.

Welcome to the No Holds Barred Ultimate Chicago Movie Cage Match. Tonight, 2 movies duke it out and only one can move to the next round. Tonight, two Chicago theater stalwarts make the case for “The Fugitive” and “Christmas Vacation.” Anthony Moseley thinks that nothing beats Chevy Chase in a Chicago Bears hat while Rachel Claff says Harrison Ford running through the St. Patrick’s Day Parade is quintessential Chicago! What do you think is the best Chicago movie?




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