The Justin Kaufmann Show 2-3-20: J. Lo and Shakira's halftime performance, Iowa Caucuses and the Chicago Accent Challenge

Justin Kaufmann

Justin Kaufmann 2-3-20

It’s the Justin Kaufmann Show for Monday, 2.3.20: There is come controversy surrounding the Super Bowl halftime performance of J. Lo and Shakira. Was it too much for a mainstream audience? Should the Super Bowl stick to entertainers with less sex appeal? WGN and ABC News Radio Reporter Ryan Burrow checks in from Iowa to give us the latest on the Iowa Caucuses. What do we need to know? Students walked out of class today at Lincoln Park High School to protest the suspension of school leaders and the boys varsity basketball season. According to CPS, the investigations into Lincoln Park High School include claims of sexual misconduct, retaliation and recruiting violations. Should all the students be punished for the actions of a small number of students? A new study says the worst year of your life is when you are 47.2. How was 47.2 for you? Miserable? Great?”How to Speak Midwestern” author Ted McClelland is back for the Season 2 premiere of “The Chicago Accent Challenge.” Do you have the best Chicago accent? Prove it. And the always hilarious comedian Adam Burke is here! He has an upcoming show he wants to talk about that features some of Chicago’s very best stand ups discussing the news they think you need to know about it.

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