Legendary whistleblower Katharine Gun: “If you find out that the government is lying about something, you have to be very conscious of your decision to go along with it or expose it”

Justin Kaufmann

Justin Kaufmann and famed U.K. whistleblower Katharine Gun

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Famed U.K. whistleblower Katharine Gun joins Justin on Extension 720 to talk about, “Official Secrets,” the new movie based on her real life story. Gun leaked a secret memo exposing an illegal spying operation by the United States of America, looking for information with which to blackmail United Nations diplomats tasked to vote on a resolution regarding the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Katharine talks about Keira Knightley portraying her in the film, if she believes the film does a good job of telling the story accurately, how she felt when she makes the gut-wrenching decision to defy her government, if we have embraced the role of the whistleblower in our society, what she feared most once the story broke, how her life immediately changed once the story went public and why she believes that whistleblowers are crucial in preventing catastrophic things.

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