Justin Kaufmann Show 2-14-20: NBA All-Star weekend, Rage Against the Machine Reunion and the worst Valentine's Day love songs

Justin Kaufmann

Justin Kaufmann with Bulls Outsider John Sabine

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The Justin Kaufmann Show for Friday, 2.14.20: It was announced that the Trump administration will deploy elite border patrol agents to sanctuary cities, including Chicago and New York. What do you think? Is that a good idea or bad idea? It’s NBA All-Star weekend and Bulls Outsider John Sabine is back to give us a preview of all the things happening in Chicago. Rage Against the Machine, one of the biggest bands of the ’90’s, announced a reunion tour this week. What band would you like to see reunite?  Of course, it’s Valentine’s Day so Justin recites the lyrics to some of the dumbest love songs. And finally, Jeff Hunt, CEO of Snap36, tells us how his company is changing the way we look at content online.

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