Justin Kaufmann Full Show 1-31-20: Coronavirus impacting travel, the evolution of retail and lost productivity from the Super Bowl

Justin Kaufmann

Justin Kaufmann 1-31-20

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It’s the Justin Kaufmann Show for the last day of January, 2020! Madeleine Doubek, Executive Director, CHANGE Illinois, joins Justin to wrap up a busy week in Springfield. The U.S. declared a public health emergency over the Coronavirus as Delta and American Airlines suspend all flights to China. Is Cornavirus impacting your travel plans? The great Max Armstrong chimes in to talk about his experience taking multiple flights a week. Award-winning journalist Adam Davidson chats about his book, “The Passion Economy.” A story in the Tribune says that retailers like Pier 1, Papyrus and Express are closing 1,000 stores. Are we in a “retail apocalypse?” Or is it just an evolution? And the professor is back! Our resident philosopher Al Gini drops by to examine humility and gratitude. A new meme is going viral: Red Pill / Blue Pill: Take the red pill and you go back to being 6 years old with all of the knowledge that you have now. Or you can take the blue pill and get 10 million dollars cash. Would you take the red pill or the blue pill? And finally, it’s Super Bowl weekend and everyone will be watching the big game. Or will they? The NFL has come under a lot of scrutiny lately and it is impacting some people’s enjoyment of the game. Will you be watching the Super Bowl or will you avoid it?

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