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Historian of education, educational policy analyst, research professor, author and former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education Diane Ravitch joins Justin to discuss her book, “Slaying Goliath: The Passionate Resistance to Privatization and the Fight to Save America’s Public Schools.” Diane talks about how public education began, the controversy surrounding the creation of public high schools, where the term “school choice” comes from, when public education became political, the passage of “No Child Left Behind,” why the only beneficiaries from standardized tests are the testing companies, the privatization of American public education, the social issues that are impacting the ability to learn, how our society is failing our children, why some people want to move away from public education, her belief that you learn a lot by going to school with kids that are different from you, the goal of equality of educational opportunity, why the school voucher program doesn’t work, what we need to know about charter schools and the importance of rebuilding our public schools.

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