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Tonight we tackle the issue of addiction and recovery. A hard topic for sure, but one that is made harder by the stigma attached. The stigma of shame and embarrassment. That falling victim to addiction is not a medical condition, but a choice. A moral, behavioral choice.

The truth is, only 10 percent of people who are struggling with alcohol or substance abuse seek treatment. That means 90 percent of people affected are hiding it. Or making the choice to not to get clean.

Tonight, we hear stories of addiction and the process of treatment and recovery. We share the stories of professionals, but also the stories of those who lived through it. How addiction ripped through their lives and how they picked up the pieces.

We have teamed up with the Gateway Foundation, a not-for-profit that offers substance abuse treatment across the region. But the truth is, there are several organizations that do this work. And continue to be on the front lines, saving lives and confronting the stigma that sometimes is as troubling as the addiction itself.

Tonight, we bring you personal stories of some Chicagoans that have lived through the hell that is substance abuse. And lived to tell their tale to others.

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