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Tonight on Extension 720! Jon Hansen is in for Justin Kaufmann. Jon chats with Illinois State Representative Chris Welch about his bill that would allow college athletes to be paid. The always great Heather Cherone of The Daily Line gives us the latest details on the possibility of a Chicago teachers strike and tells us about former Alderman John Arena’s new job with the city. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Dr. Wendy McDonald joins Jon in-studio to  shed some light on breast health awareness. (She also writes books and sings!) Also, it’s the 100th anniversary of the Black Sox Scandal. Journalist and Black Sox Scandal researcher Jacob Pomrenke tells Jon everything he ever wanted to know about the South Side’s most infamous baseball team.

This is the podcast for Extension 720. The show originates from Chicago on WGN Radio and features newsmakers, tastemakers and trailblazers.  Hosted by award-winning broadcaster Justin Kaufmann, this talk show/audio magazine goes in-depth to help you better understand the city (and world) that you live in.