Elections Matter: Off the Record with journalist Kathy Chaney in Chatham

Justin Kaufmann

Justin Kaufmann and Kathy Chaney at Mather’s in Chatham

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Off the Record” is a series of conversations with prominent Chicagoans in their  communities. Tonight on Extension 720, Justin is joined by journalist Kathy Chaney at Mather’s in Chatham. Kathy talks about what it is like to live in Chatham, how Chatham has changed over the years, the most important issues to the residents of Chatham, her concern over the increase in crime in the neighborhood, the economic impact of Target leaving the community, how she sees Chatham voting in the upcoming mayoral election and if Chicago is better off in 2019 than we were ten years ago.

This is the podcast for Extension 720. The show originates from Chicago on WGN Radio and features newsmakers, tastemakers and trailblazers.  Hosted by award-winning broadcaster Justin Kaufmann, this talk show/audio magazine goes in-depth to help you better understand the city (and world) that you live in.

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