Artist and actor Tony Fitzpatrick: “The most powerful tool I have in my arsenal is memory and I love storytelling”

Justin Kaufmann

Justin Kaufmann and Tony Fitzpatrick, December 2019

The great Chicago artist and actor Tony Fitzpatrick joins Justin to talk about The Sky at Diversey: New Works by Tony Fitzpatrick at The Dime and A Half-Dozen Pigeon Stories: New Works by Tony Fitzpatrick at AdventureLand Gallery, two new exhibitions that are launching this week and running through the end of the year. Tony talks about his amazing career, why creating accessible and affordable art continues to be important to him, how the street life of Chicago inspires him, why he became an environmental activist, how his outlook on life has changed since his heart surgery, how his health scare has impacted his work, his role on the Amazon series, “Patriot,” the podcast that he does with his son Max, what he’s learned from working with people younger than him, why failure is key to creating art and the current health of the Chicago art world.

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