Sometimes people recognize me when they see me, but often, it happens when they hear me. It’s a pleasant distraction that comes with being on the radio in Chicago for many years. There was little chance that anyone would notice me on New Year’s Day, though.

My family and I were walking in the dark at the Chicago Botanic Garden’s “Lightscape” show. The focus was on the enchanting grounds, lit with an artist’s touch. I was with my wife, Brenda; sons, Grant and Griffin; daughter-in-law Nikki; and 2-year-old granddaughter, Bernadette. At events like these, you see the thing, then turn to see if the kid sees the thing, and if the kid likes the thing, it’s even better than the thing.

Earlier that day, I visited my parents who have recently moved into a senior living center. It’s a very nice place, and they are generally miserable there. It’s brought out the worst in them. We hope in time that will change, but change for them is not easy.

Read John Williams’ op-ed for the Chicago Tribune titled “John Williams: Kind words at a Chicago Botanic Garden show let some light in as I try to help my aging parents” and published on January 6, 2023 in its entirety here.