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Like most things, it all started with an idea. Sports reporter Joe Brand has grown out his hair in 2020, and David Hochberg thought it might be a good idea for Joe to cut his hair if John Williams’ online red kettle reached a certain amount.

On December 16, 2020, the two-hour Salvation Army radiothon hosted by John Williams garnered more than $160,000 in donations thanks to the generosity of WGN Radio listeners.

Joe Brand’s hair was saved (but he decided it was time to give his “luscious locks” a bit of a trim)! David Hochberg had to dye his hair “Salvation Army red”, he called it. A listener texted in a photo of his candy cane-striped spiked hair that served as David Hochberg’s inspiration for his final hairdo.

On December 17, 2020, David Hochberg and Joe Brand went to Salon Donato in Palatine for their new hairstyles. Here is their journey, in video and photos.