The Peshtigo Fire: The deadliest fire in U.S. history you’ve never heard of

John Landecker

In this image provided by the Peshtigo Fire Museum, mural shown Sept. 25, 1971, depicts flight of residents to the Peshtigo River during the fire in Peshtigo, Wisconsin on Oct. 8, 1871, in which more than 1,200 people died. It was the same day as the famous Chicago fire in which 300 persons lost their lives. This mural is on the wall of the Peshtigo Fire Museum, a small church built after the fire. (AP Photo/Peshtigo Fire Museum) **NO SALES**

On October 8th, 1871, 250 miles north of Chicago, the deadliest wildfire in U.S. history ravaged the small town of Peshtigo, Wisconsin. But for many, it remains a lost piece of history overshadowed by the Great Chicago Fire that took place the same day. Chicago Tribune reporter Christopher Borrelli joins John Landecker to share the story of the fire and reveal the toll it took on the people of Peshtigo.

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