Something wicked this way comes at Malliway Bros. Spells, Charms, & Potions

John Landecker

A woman dressed as a witch waits prior her performance during the Walpurgis night in Erfurt, Germany, Tuesday, April 30, 2019. Costumed devils and witches meet to celebrate Walpurgis Night, a traditional religious holiday of pre-Christian origins. The event is named after St. Walburga, an English nun who helped convert the Germans to Christianity in the 8th century. (AP Photo/Jens Meyer)

A truly unique Chicago business, Malliway Bros. Spells, Charms, & Potions is exactly what you would expect: your one stop shop for your witchcraft needs.

Co-owned by brothers Blake and Wick Malliway, the store has seen a surge of interest from people looking for special solutions for health, mood and even the election. Blake joins John Landecker to talk about the origins of the store and how we can add a little magic to our lives.

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