WGN Radio’s John Landecker kicks off the show for Veterans Day by chatting with U.S. Army WWII D-Day paratrooper veteran Henry Langrehr. Listen in while the now 98-year-old Henry shares his incredible and unimaginable story.

Henry Langrehr served in Europe in World War II with the 82nd Airborne Division. He is the recipient of two Bronze Stars, two Purple Hearts, and the French Legion of Honor. After the war, he founded a successful construction company, building schools and other civic structures. He currently lives in Iowa with his wife who, at the time of WWII, was a “Rosie“. Women who were considered a “Rosie” were woman who worked in factories producing munitions, building ships, aeroplanes, in the auxiliary services as air-raid wardens, fire officers and evacuation officers, as drivers of fire engines, trains and trams, as conductors and as nurses.

To learn more about Henry’s life, check out his book titled “Whatever It Took: An American Paratrooper’s Extraordinary Memoir of Escape, Survival, and Heroism in the Last Days of World War II.”