Are you experiencing “brain fog”? You’re not alone. Dr. Christina Weyer Jamora explains the cognitive impact of quarantine

Ji Suk Yi

Tiffany Pinckney poses for a portrait in the Harlem neighborhood of New York on April 1, 2020. After a period of quarantine at home separated from her children, she has recovered from COVID-19. Pinckney became one of the nations first donors of “convalescent plasma.” Doctors around the world are dusting off a century-old treatment for infections: Infusions of blood plasma teeming with immune molecules that helped survivors beat the new coronavirus. (AP Photo/Marshall Ritzell)

Dr. Christina Weyer Jamora, a neuropsychologist and associate professor and director of neuropsychology services at the University of California in San Francisco and San Francisco General Hospital, speaks with Ji to discuss the phenomenon of “quarantine fatigue.” 

Ji Suk Yi
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