JP Presser: Ray McDonald might be out of chances

Jarrett Payton's Postgame Presser

Ray McDonald talks to reporters at Halas Hall earlier this month. (Chicago Tribune)

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One month ago I posted a JP Presser addressing the apprehension Bears fans had about the pick-up of Ray McDonald. I tried to be the voice of reason about the situation. Even with the alleged domestic abuse accusations, I thought that he deserved another chance in the NFL. My thought process goes back to how I was raised by my parents. Everyone deserves a second chance.

“The pressure was on McDonald to keep his nose clean.”

I received a bunch of tweets since yesterday saying the Bears are joke for singing him and they should be ashamed. I understand where Bears fans are coming from, but the Bears looked at the signing as a business decision. The Bears had the least to lose in the equation. Signing McDonald to a one year deal, with no guaranteed money, was nothing for the Bears. The pressure was on McDonald to keep his nose clean. Was he worth signing? In hindsight obviously not. But playing the game and knowing how management works, they leaned more towards the football player and not the man. It’s unfortunate that’s how the game is, but it’s the business.

I’m upset with McDonald for a few reasons if all this is true. First and foremost he’s a grown man and these issues with women are reprehensible. My father always taught me that you never hit a girl or let another man put his hands on them either. Secondly, the child endangerment charge is just inexplicable; he put an child in a position to be harmed?

My third beef I have with McDonald is he lost out on a great opportunity. Not an opportunity to just play football, but to turn his life around with one of the most historic franchises in the NFL. There was a little part of me that questioned the pick-up, but I did just say “if this fails, it’s all on the Bears?” I’m going to give the organization some fault on bringing him in, but one thing to keep in mind they never got a chance to have him in their locker room long enough to try and steer him in the right direction.

“He needs to get some help and figure out how he can become a better man.”

Ray McDonald doesn’t need to worry about playing football. He needs to get some help and figure out how he can become a better man. I learned that football will only last for so long and when it’s done you have to live the rest of your life. McDonald had his chance and he never fully appreciated it. I hope he can get the help he needs. I’m just glad it won’t be in a Bears uniform. #BearDown

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