We started off this week’s show by chatting with Mr. Floor himself Igor Murokh, to talk about what is safe to use to clean your hardwood floors. Next, Joe Cotton Ford’s Tracy Conn joined the show to talk about if the demand for used cars is the same as it was a year ago. Then, Michael Huston of Lindholm Roofing joined the show to share how to avoid mold in your attic and what to do if you have it. Up next is Co-owner of Deck Tech George Argyris who shares the importance of sealing your deck before winter and how late Deck Tech offers their sealing service. Then it is time for Catch 35 Owner Sam Berngard, and Chef Eddie Sweeney to join the show to talk about how seafood season is changing and seafood cooking tips. And they brought in some food for the crew! And obviously, throughout the show, listeners call in asking their questions and getting the information they need for the best outcome!

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