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This week is a special two-part edition of Home Sweet Home Chicago.

On the first part of the show we start off by talking with Justin Bartley of Next Door and Windows who gives us the 411 on how to find out what are some signs everyone should look for to be able to tell whether or not it’s time to replace windows and what is the best material for replacement windows. Then, Jill Van Riet tells us about a listener who called Jill to see the importance of meeting with a realtor before she did any home improvements to be sure she is not wasting money on improvements that will not benefit her when selling her house. JC Restoration’s Corey Ambrose then talks about the looting that happened in Chicago earlier this week and told us about a listener who contacted him because her businesses were vandalized and destroyed by fire and she wanted to know if he could perform debris removal and fire restoration.

We kick off the second part of the show by talking with a representative with Angel Water who told listeners who they are and what they do. To close out the show we talked with Rich Dykstra Sr. who told us everything we need to know about generators. And obviously, throughout the show, listeners call in asking their questions and getting the information they need for the best outcome!

PT: 1

PT: 2