Home Sweet Home Chicago (01/25/20) – David Hochberg with Mega Pros Jeremy, THE Rae Kaplan from Kaplan Law Firm, Credit Expert Gary Novel, Flooring Expert Igor Murokh, and Junk Remedy's Nick DeGiulio

Home Sweet Home Chicago

Pictured L-R: Nick DeGiulio, Jeremy Hogel, Rae Kaplan, David Hochberg, and Igor Murokh

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This week, Rae Kaplan talks about how both parents who take out federal parent plus loans can structure their loans so that they finance their kid’s college education, while paying it back at a very low rate and then can qualify for forgiveness. She also talks about how student borrowers can qualify for federal student loans and pay back at 10% of their discretionary income and then get the balance forgiven. Kredit Guru Gary Novel talks about how a listener of the show went on a Holiday shopping spree which lowered her Credit Scores and impacted her ability to get a loan. Then Mr. Floor Igor Murokh informs listeners how regular use of proper care and maintenance products, especially in the winter, can significantly extend the life of your wood floors. Then Nick DeGiulio from Junk Remedy is here to tell listeners about who they are, what they do, and why they are better than getting a dumpster.

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