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This week, Rich Dykstra Sr. talks about the importance of getting your ducts cleaned and inspected frequently in order to improve comfort, save money on utility bills and to ensure longevity for your heating and cooling systems. Then, our student loan attorney Rae Kaplan tells use about Kelsey from Chicago who called her because she had questions about planning for college tuition for both parents and students and to asked about changes to laws regarding student loans. Next, Tom Jahnke from Builder Supply Outlet informed listeners about their new faucet line that will be coming out on January 31st of this year that will have both black and brushed gold finishes and what other things to be on the look out in their store. To warp up the show, MEGAPros Jeremy tells us about Taylor who was confused about why their price was double the “Other Guy” but once he received a written quote from the “Other Guy”, he noticed they were doing 5x the work so they were worth the price. And obviously, throughout the show, listeners call in asking their questions and getting the information they need for the best outcome!