Home Sweet Home Chicago (09/19/20) – Jon Hansen in for David Hochberg with Mega Pros Joe, Rich Dykstra Sr. with Dykstra Home Services, Credit Expert Gary Novel, IRS Tax Attorney Steven A. Leahy & Real Estate Attorney Dave Schlueter

Home Sweet Home Chicago

Home Sweet Home Chicago

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This week, Rich Dykstra Sr. with Dykstra Home Services kicks off the show talking about “furnace fraud” and he tells us how listeners can be able to tell when getting a new furnace is necessary and when it is not. Then, our credit expert, Gary Novel, talks about building and managing your kid’s credit. Next, the taxman, Steven A. Leahy, gives us the 411 on using the Board of Tax Appeals to appeal property taxes. Last but not least, Real Estate Attorney Dave Schlueter tells us a story about Jeannie from Buffalo Grove, a loyal Home Sweet Home Chicago listener, who called to ask if gift funds can be a personal check if the transfer is right before closing or if they have to be a wire or cashier’s check. And obviously, throughout the show, listeners call in asking their questions and getting the information they need for the best outcome!

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David Hochberg is Vice President of Lending for Team Hochberg at Homeside Financial and host of the show.

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